Fusion Festival - Sunday 31st - Day 2

Fusion Festival Backstage

Capital are LIVE BACKSTAGE at Fusion Festival

The only hashtag you need all weekend is #FusionCapital. Follow us on @danandkaty on Twitter for all the latest chat, sneaky photos can track everything as it happens in our live blog kicking off on Saturday at lunchtime.

22:15pm AND SHE'S OUT! If you missed our chat with her from earlier you can catch it now!

22:00pm EXCLUSIVE! We've got the first EVER live performance of Bang Bang in the whole UK!
21:45pm Time to Do it Like A Dude everybody!!

21:30pm The crowd and jumping and going wild! There is a lot of love for Jessie!

21:15pm Jessie J is a stunner tonight! WOW! She knows how to put on a show!

21:00pm The queen of pop is in the house! Jessie J!! There might be a slight delay in our live blog now as the Capital team venture out to do it like a dude!
20:45pm Right, we are far too good to you!

20:40pm The Wanted are out here! And Tom ended by getting topless....who wants to see the photo?!
20:30pm Now it's getting out of hand! Cue jokes about getting everyone wet. #TWFamily @TheWanted #FusionCapital

20:20pm A few technical issues, how better to get over them than a water fight! #TWFamily @TheWanted

20:15pm Tonight we own the night!!! #TWFamily @TheWanted are rocking it! #FusionCapital

20:10pm ALL TIME LOW! Yes lads! Great tune as the sun sets on #FusionCapital

20:00pm What a bromance! #TWFamily #FusionCapital

19:55pm They've got some mad ballards on the go now, Butterflies into Warzone! There are a lot of tears here in Cofton Park.
19:45pm We're not gonna lie, @TheWanted have some of the best moves around #FusionCapital

19:35pm AND THEY ARE HERE, the screaming is actually deafening (We've had to break out earplugs, not for the speakers but for the tears!!)

19:25pm Only a few more minutes until THE WANTED take to the stage. We really are going boyband-tastic tonight here at #FusionCapital.
19:20pm Don't they sound awesome! As the sun sets on #FusionCapital, on Sunday and on the summer - they just sound incredible. Lawson!

19:10pm OH MY GOD. These girls got to sing with ACTUAL @LawsonAndy #Swoon #FusionCapital

18:55pm It's the one, the only @LawsonOfficial. They could not sound better as the sun sets on summer!
18:45pm Oh no. We just made the mistake of calling Lawson a boyband. We're regretting that immediately!

18:40pm Lawson are sounding AMAZING. 'Taking Over Me' is current blowing the roof (if we had a roof that is!). Keep it Capital for our interviews, photos and more!
18:30pm Union J are off but now the Lawson lads are on! Sounding awesome already but they have a tough act to follow.

18:20pm If you've missed anything from today then you catch all of interview and photos over on our Fusion Festival places

18:10pm Union J are absolutely rockin' it! Carry You and Tonight sounded absolutely immense.

You can hear us chatting to them later tonight on Capital as we're live from the festival site from 7pm. We've got the best tracks from Pitbull, Dizzee Rascal, Union J and Fuse ODG!
18:00pm And we're back, here's your cheeky food update of what the acts are all eating!

17:30pm AMAZING! Pixie Lott in the sun, you can't beat it Birmingham! We're going to grab some food before the big four take to the stage: Union J, Lawson, The Wanted AND Jessie J! (Of course we'll let you know what the stars are eating as well!)
17:20pm Not only does she look stunning, @PixieLott sounds the part as well!! #FusionCapital

17:10pm She's taking to the stage and to say that @PixieLott looks stunning is an understatement

17:00pm We would be lying if we didn't say the weather here was absolutely glorious!