Fusion Festival - Saturday 30th - Day 1

Fusion Festival Backstage

Capital are LIVE BACKSTAGE at Fusion Festival

The only hashtag you need all weekend is #FusionCapital. Follow us on @danandkaty on Twitter for all the latest chat, sneaky photos can track everything as it happens in our live blog kicking off on Saturday at lunchtime.

22:10pm And he's out of here, that's the end of the day here at day of #FusionCapital.

If you've missed any of it you can find everything you need below:
22:10pm And he's out of here in TRUE style! AMAZING.

22:00pm Missing Mr Worldwide @Pitbull?! Here's a little preview of his Duck Sauce cover! #FusionCapital

21:50pm Don't stop the partayyyyy! .... It's going down, I'm yelling TIMBER!

We've also had some covers of Duck Sauce and some even a bit of the Rocky theme tune!
21:30pm The place is electric for Mr Worldwide, his glasses are off and the crowd are pumped!

21:15pm Right, get the glow sticks out and the neon face paint on. He's looking dapper, and Mr Worldwide is taking to the stage!
21:10pm Introducing Pitbull to the stage, Dan and Katy grabbed a quick photo with the Fusion Festival crowd, before welcoming him to the stage.

21:05pm If you feel like you've missed all of the action from today, then don't worry Sacha took us on a tour around backstage earlier at the Capital studio! We've been very busy working away getting all our photos and videos up from today!

21:00pm Fresh off stage we've just managed to grab a word with the big man, Dizzee Rascal!

20:55pm We're getting ready for Mr Worldwide himself. There might be a delay in service because the WHOLE Capital team is dying to seeing him!
20:45pm Christian caught up earlier with local lass Becky Hill... can you tell he's a fan?

20:30pm Looking at how great Dizzee's stage looks! See photos from his set and highlights from the whole day over in our gallery here.

20:20pm Dizzee is absolutely rocking it as the sun sets over Cofton Park. It has to be the best timeslot as the sun sets.

20:10pm If you missed Christian chatting to The Vamps earlier, catch is here:

20:00pm Dizzee is doing some right classics now! Fix up look sharp! He really is a master and getting the crowd pumped up!
19:45pm Here he is! The man himself! He's just a rascal. It's Dizzee Rascal!

19:35pm The acts aren't the only people here with fans, Christian is getting on the selfie action!

19:30pm Right Dizzee Rascal is about to the stage! Who's exciting for him, and of course after him we've got the one and only Mr Worldwide, PITBULL!
19:20pm Keeping it showbiz in the interlude between acts with got a bit of Ella Henderson for you chatting with Dan and Katy!

19:15pm Want to hear Christian chat with Elyar Fox from earlier? Well you're in luck! Catch right now below!

19:10pm Of course @RizzleKicks wouldn't be complete with a bit of Saxphone! #FusionCapital

19:00pm There is a lot of love for Rizzle Kicks from the crowd!

18:50pm Loving the hat's on the go from Rizzle Kicks today. They are looking pretty darn good, even though it's raining!

18:40pm So Rizzle Kicks are out on the stage, it's starting to really belt it down now though! They;re gonna be a great, a bit of rain never hurt anybody!
18:30pm There's a lot of love today for Katy's amazing dress. She definitely the winner of Capital's Best Dressed today, but we're not sure whether she beats Ella Henderson stunning belt!
18:20pm Right then, who's ready for Rizzle Kicks? They're on the way soon followed by Dizzee Rascal AND Pitbull.
17:55pm Right, we're scooting off for a quick bite to eat!

Not just any dinner thought, we've had a busy day here at Capital so we're sneaking into the artists tent for dinner!

17:50pm Closing song and they sound absolutely amazing! @TheVampsBand #FusionCapital

17:45pm The crowd are going absolutely wild for @TheVampsBand. #FusionCapital

17:45pm Brad from @TheVampsBand isn't getting up close with the crowd. We hope we get him back!! #FusionCapital

17:40pm And they're off! It's only @TheVampsBand rocking out at #FusionCapital

17:35pm The screaming for The Vamps is RIDICULOUS! We can hear them in our Capital studio backstage over the top of everything else!
17:30pm We've got a little rest break now before the one and only The Vamps take to the stage, followed by Rizzle Kicks, Dizzee Rascal and Mr Worldwide, Pitbull!
17:20pm The song we've all been singing along to on the radio but here it is LIVE at Fusion! #LoveIt #FusionCapital @ellahenderson

17:05pm Wow! Loving a cheeky bit of gold on @EllaHenderson's belt!

16:55pm There is a lot for Fusion on Twitter! Keep tweeting us @DanAndKaty
16:50pm So on the way in the next hour, Ella Henderson and The Vamps...Vampettes are you ready?!
16:40pm Wilkinson were amazing, they even brought Becky Hill back on stage for a little bit of After Glow.

Of course they took a selfie as well (you HAVE to really!)

16:30pm PHEW! It's been a MENTAL day so far! On the stage so far M.O, Loveable Rogues, Elyar Fox, Becky Hill, Neon Jungle and we're not even halfway! Next up, Wilkinson!

On the way into the Capital Studio we've got Rizzle Kicks, ahead of their set which you know is gonna be huge! Here's a sneak peek of it:

16:10pm It's a little big drizzly but as soon Braveheart started, everybody went crazy! BRAVEEEEEEHEARTTT! Ichi, Ni, San, Kaesu!
16:00pm As one superstar leaves the stage another arrives, it's only NEON JUNGLE!

15:50pm Watch out everyone! Katy has decided to have a go at beating the stars on the big hitter!

15:40pm If you're missing all the action today, the Capital Street Stars are out and about bringing the festival to you! Check out all of their photos here.
15:30pm YESSSS! She dropped her huge tune Gecko, even thought it's a little overcast the crowd is going mental!
15:20pm A little earlier Christian chatted to M.O. who opened #FusionCapital. Video on the way soon!

15:10pm Local gal Becky Hill has taken to the stage, she is looking fine in the sunshine! The whole Capital team is pumped to hear Gecko...fingers crossed she does it!
15:00pm Wow! Just wow! The crowd have gone crazy for Do It All Over Again @ElyarFox #FusionCapital

14:50pm Does  have the biggest muscles at ? Keep it Capital to find out!

14:40pm FOXERS! He's here, the man himself ELYAR FOX! He's kicked off with an INCREDIBLE cover of Magic's Rude.

 14:35pm They've arrived! are here chatting to - keep it Capital for all the action!

14:20pm Wow! M.O. rocked it, great way to start off! The Loveable Rogues are now taking to the stage and Eddie, Sonny and Te are looking pumped to play for Birmingham!
14:05pm M.O. have taken to the stage, rocking out and getting the crowd pumped. They are sounding amazing!
14:00pm And #FusionCapital is go! Sacha and Christian have just opened proceedings! Our ears hurt a little from the screaming!!

13:55pm A few minutes and counting before it all kicks off!

13:45pm ONLY fifteen minutes to go until the first acts take to the stage - keep it Capital for all the gossip and backstage exclusives! We're going to try and find who's got the best dressing room here...we're guessing Ella Henderson's will be 'glow'ing!
13:40pm Christian just had a good ol' chat with Elyar Fox, the full interview will be up soon, but here's a cheeky preview of them in our lovely leafy studio!

13:35pm It's all getting a bit steamy back here in the Capital studio, Sacha just got a cheeky peck on the cheek from Elyar Fox himself!! She's swooning just a little bit.
13:30pm Want to know who's got the biggest muscles at #FusionCapital. Here's @ChristianLIVE with @ElyarFox - see the full video later at CapitalFM.com #Flex
13:00pm Only an hour to go until Fusion kicks off! First up at 2pm M.O., followed by the Loveable Rogues at twenty past and for all you Foxers out there Elyar Fox at 2:40pm.

Welcome to #FusionCapital! Make sure to send us your photos with our Capital letters!

12:40pm The Golden Circle is filling up now! Right near the front of the stage, you'll probably be able to reach out a touch Brad from The Vamps (...well maybe not!)

12:30pm Justin is out-and-about talking to all the Vampettes, Rascals and Foxers - hear him now, and keep it Capital all day for the latest from Cofton Park!

12:20pm And the doors are open for those lucky enough to be in the Golden circle! #FusionCapital

12:10pm The queues are already forming for #FusionCapital. Who's excited to see @Pitbull?

12:00pm Welcome to #FusionCapital! We're here live all day from Cofton Park bringing you all of the backstage gossip, photos, interviews and more! Make sure you are sending us your pictures and videos from the day @DanAndKaty on Twitter.