Union J - 'Tonight (We Live Forever)' (Live Video At The Summertime Ball 2014)


Union J - 'Tonight'

Live At The Summertime Ball 2014


The Union J boys brought their first ever live performance of 'Tonight (We Live Forever)' to the #CapitalSTB - and you #JCats were loving it!

It's been a little while since we have had a new offering from the lovely lads of Union J, but their new single - which premiered on Capital FM on Thursday was definitely worth the wait! 

The #JCats were out in force, revelling in the first EVER live performance of 'Tonight (We Live Forever)' - and where better to hear it live and loud than at the epic Wembley Stadium amongst 80,000 other pop fans?

The music video for 'Tonight (We Live Forever)' isn't out yet, but you can check out Union J in all their boy band glory by re-watching the video above. We're already on out 15th watch…


Union J - 'Carry You'

Live At The Summertime Ball 2014


If you still haven't checked out the rest of the INCREDIBLE stage performances from the Capital Summertime Ball with Vodafone then what are you waiting for?! Check out all the highlights here

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