Taylor Swift's Fans: 9 Ways You Know You're Part Of The #Swifties

The '22 singer's dedicated followers are up for #BestFans2014 – and it's easy to see why.

Taylor Swift meets fans

There's no way the #BestFans2014 competition could take place without the #Swifties.

Taylor's loyal fanbase is one of the strongest out there and are always supporting their girl every step of the way.

We've put together a few reasons you know you are a #Swiftie and proud!


1. Well, first of all you know Taylor's use of Vine is per-fect!


2. If a Taylor song comes on and you're in the middle of a gym session, this is what you do:


3. You love when people create cool Meme's involving her songs.


4. You practice perfecting Taylor's shocked face every night before you go to bed


5. On a Friday night when you're feeling down….


6. You're also easily spooked


7. You're also not that keen on PDA – especially with an ex


8. This is you first thing in the morning when you hit play on your Taylor Swift playlist


9. You know Taylor always gets the last laugh and that's enough for you!

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