Sam and the Womp

Sam And The Womp

The newly-formed 'Bom Bom' band describe their style as "High energy balkan, ska, dub and rave out material with a huge WOMP of gypsy dubstep for pudding".

Sam Ritchie - Trumpet/others
Aaron Horn - Laptop/keyboard/effects
Paul Tkachenko - Tuba/others
Bubu- drums
Bloem - Vocals/keyboard
Jerome Harper- Trombone
Tony Rico - Saxophone
Robin Harris - Trombone
Neil Johnson - Saxophone.

Special guests:
Djanan Turan- Vocals
Tansay Omar- Drums/percussion
Morski- Guitar

Did you know?

  • The band recently formed in September 2011 with the joining of Sam Ritchie’s gypsy dub band QDOS with producer Aaron Audio.
  • Their 'Bom Bom' music video is nearing 1 million views on YouTube.

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