Rihanna's Fans: 11 Ways To Know You're Part Of The #Navy

Can the #RihannaNavy take the crown of #BestFans2014?

Rihanna Fans

With 33 million followers on Twitter and a further 83 million likes on Facebook – the #Navy is one of the most powerful fan bases out there.

The singer has conquered the charts, won almost every award under the sun but can she claim Capital's #BiggestFans2014 prize thanks to her Navy?

We've found ten ways you know you are part of her team and why the answer to the aforementioned question is a big fat "YES!"


1. This was what you did when you heard she'd teamed up with Shakira for a new super collaboration.


2. This is how you walk into da club!


3. Family is everything


4. You also get well involved in #TBT


5. You know ANYONE in the world can be part of the #Navy (Picture: Splash)


6. This is what happens when you overhear someone talking bad about your main girl..


7...and then this is what you do!


8. You think anyone who would contemplate hitting the unfollow button would be committing a sin!


9. When it rains...you know it's time to get singing! "Ella, ella!"


10. Much like the guy in the background....you wish this fan was you! (Picture: Splash)


11. You respect Rihanna's love for her star sign!

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