Olly Murs' Fans: 8 Ways To Know You're Part Of The #MursArmy

With the #BestFans2014 voting wide open, take a look to see why Olly is the only man for you.

Olly Murs and Fans

He's the cheeky chap of pop. One of the most successful ever acts to ever emerge from The X Factor and has a legion of adoring fans.

Join us as we look at the many reasons you, we, everyone loves Mr. Murs.

1. Of course, you got your copy of Olly's book way before anyone else


2. Because you know that if you were Robbie, you'd deffo return the favour


3. You think no one else looks better in a pair of tiny boxers


4. You've always known Olly was REALLY special



5. You know going to a Halloween party with him would be the absolute ultimate night out


6. You love his football banter.


7. Because you'd always rather sit on Olly's lap

8. And when you go to bed, this is the last thing you think of!

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