Miley Cyrus - 'Party In The USA' (Live At The Summertime Ball 2014)


Miley Cyrus - 'Party In The USA'

Live At The Summertime Ball 2014


Relive the moment Miley took things OLD-SCHOOl with this party-fuelled anthem.

Five years on and 'Party In The USA' STILL sounds like a tune-and-a-half, and Miley took it to another level with her performance of the track at Wembley Stadium.

Making her Capital Summertime Ball 2014 debut at the weekend, Miley brought along exotic dancers, giant turnips and rubber ducks for her set, as she through a huge summer party on stage for all her fans.

Watch Miley taking things back to where it all started and spicing up her hit 'Party In The USA' with a bit of her new 'Bangerz' spirit.


Miley Cyrus - 'We Can't Stop'

Live At The Summertime Ball 2014


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