Miley Cyrus' Fans: 15 Ways You Know You're One Of The #Smilers

With the #BestFans2014 drawing to a close... can the #Smilers take the crown for Miley?

miley cyrus celebrating new year's eve

Miley Cyrus has one of the BIGGEST fan bases in pop music, and they're all getting behind her to help the twerking queen win #BestFans2014!

The #Smilers are ALWAYS behind the 'Wrecking Ball' star, and had an incredibly busy year thanks to all of the US star's antics in 2013!

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Here's 15 ways to tell if Miley's the star for you...


1). You know that for Miley... the #Smilers are the reason she lives to perform!


2). When Miley makes THIS face... it makes you sad as well!


3). Thanks to Miley... this was you at EVERY party you went to in 2013!


4). Miley is basically your #selfie GURU!


5). Christmas will NEVER be the same again!


6). You wish you had friends as cool as these...


7). You can't decide whether to watch Miley or this AMAZING cat during her performance!


8). This is STILL your favourite music video... and will be for some time!


9). Just like Miley... you know that family comes first!


10). Who needs a dance class when you can just watch this?


11). You always make your spaghetti shapes spell out 'TWERK', in Miley's honour!


12). You change your hair like the weather...


13). After you saw Miley's VMAs 2013 performance for the first time you were all like...


14). You can party with the best of them...


15). You know NEVER to forget where you came from!