Michael Jackson's Mother Katherine Re-Instated As Guardian Of His Children

3 August 2012, 13:19

The 'Beat It' star's mother will share custody of Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket with their cousin TJ.

Michael Jackson's mother Katherine has been re-instated as the guardian of the late singer's three children.

The 82-year-old will share custody with their cousin TJ, who was made temporary guardian when Katherine was reported missing last month.

A hearing on 22nd August will determine whether Katherine and TJ's joint custody of Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket will be a permanent arrangement.

Katherine Jackson's disappearance came amid a dispute over Michael Jackson's will, which has threatened to split members of the Jackson family.

Some of the King Of Pop's siblings have signed a letter claiming that Michael's will was fake, but this week Jermaine Jackson withdrew his support of the letter.

In a statement, the 'Billie Jean' singer's brother said he was troubled by the fractions within the Jackson family and called for an end to the feud.