Little Mix Fans: 11 Ways You Know You're A #Mixer

Do you consider yourself the biggest fan of the girls and think the #Mixers should win #BestFans2014?

Little Mix/John Newman

Do you have every single bit of merchandise from the girls? Did you see the future as soon as they hit the stage and auditioned for The X Factor?

Sounds like you could be one of their biggest fans and a proud member of the #Mixers. We've rounded up just some of the reasons why that might be true.


1. You were there from the beginning…


2. When people get their Little Mix facts wrong you are all like:


3. Your school notebook looks a little like this:


4. You and your friends are always pulling faces too:


5. When a Little Mix song comes on when you're waiting for the film to start, this always happens:


6.You were there for this moment:


7. Because you've watched this video about 12,000 times…

Little Mix - Move on MUZU.TV


8. On Xmas morning when you got the Little Mix 2014 calendar, you did this:


9. You adore #Zerrie


10. You always knew America would fall in love with the girls:


11. You know the future is looking just as bright and you'll be there every step of the way once more:

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