Lawson Wrap 'Taking Over Me' Music Video Shoot In Los Angeles - Video

29 June 2012, 10:21

The 'When She Was Mine' stars are in America this week working on their second music video.

Lawson have finished shooting the music video for their new single 'Taking Over Me' while out in the Los Angeles desert, and have promised fans the video will be "awesome".

Band member Joel Peat also celebrated his 22nd birthday while filming for their second video promo, and said shooting scenes with beautiful American girls was a great way to spend the occasion. 

"This is the best birthday gift ever, getting to hang out in the sun with beautiful American girls," Joel told the Daily Star this feel. "Especially as in our first video it was only Andy who got to score with a girl. This time we're all in on the action. 

"Thanks so much to everyone for the birthday messages yesterday!" Joel later tweeted. "Had an amazing day, the video's gonna be incredible! #TakingOverMe."

The 'When She Was Mine' singers revealed they had wrapped the video late yesterday after filming for well over twelve hours, and singer Andy Brown also updated fans on the video ahead of the band's return to the UK>

"It's sooooo HOT today in the desert! Worth it though!" Andy posted on Thursday (28th June). "The video is looking awesome! SUN SUN SUN is taking oveeer me! #warm."

View a picture of Lawson hanging out on the set of their 'Taking Over Me' music video in the Los Angeles desert below (Credit: Twitter):

Lawson In Los Angeles

Guitarist Joel also treated fans to a special video message thanking them for their birthday wishes during the band's trip out to Los Angeles this week.

Lawson will officially release 'Taking Over Me' as their second single, the follow-up to their debut Vodafone Big Top 40 hit 'When She Was Mine', on 29th July.

Check out a special fan message from Lawson star Joel Peat from Los Angeles below: