Lawson Announce New Single 'Learn To Love Again' And Unveil Artwork - Video

3 December 2012, 15:02

The 'Taking Over Me' four-piece are preparing to release the fourth cut from 'Chapman Square'.

Lawson have announced they will release new single 'Learn To Love Again' in February next year.

The 'Taking Over Me' four-piece announced the fourth cut from their debut album 'Chapman Square' on Sunday afternoon (2nd December) and unveiled the official artwork for the song earlier today (3rd December).

Lawson's new single 'Learn To Love Again' follows a string of successful single releases over the course of 2012 including 'When She Was Mine', 'Taking Over Me' and their most recent hit 'Standing In The Dark'.

"We're really excited to release 'Learn To Love Again'," Lawson bassist Ryan Fletcher said as part of the announcement. "It's a bit different to previous singles & it's one we love performing live.

"It's got our usual guitars and drums sound but with a dance element - we hope that it will appeal to everyone," the Lawson star added.

Check out the official artwork for Lawson's new single 'Learn To Love Again' below:

Lawson - 'Learn To Love Again' Single Artwork

Ryan, singer Andy Brown, guitarist Joel Fletcher and drummer Adam Pitts are also set to embark on a headline tour in February and March next year in support of 'Chapman Square'.

Lawson release new single 'Learn To Love Again' on 3rd February.

Watch Lawson's live VEVO performance of 'Learn To Love Again' below: