Lawson "So Excited" About New Album 'Chapman Square' Release - Audio

1 October 2012, 11:20

The group surprise fans as they debut the record in full for the first time ahead of its release later this month.

Lawson have said they feel "so excited" about the release of their new album 'Chapman Square'.

The record is released on 22nd October, but a select audience of fans were given a sneak peek of the album at a playback in London yesterday (30th September).

The group surprised the audience by attending the event after earlier saying on Twitter that they would not be able to make it.

"It's a very special day, it's been a long time coming," singer Andy Brown told Capital FM about the new album.

"It's so huge – we're just delighted that finally now on 22nd October we can get 'Chapman Square' out there and spread the Lawson love all over the world."

Lawson's debut album features their three singles, including the most recent 'Standing In The Dark':

In an interview with Capital FM last week, the band revealed that they chose which songs would feature on their new album while sitting in Chapman Square, the place in London that the album is named after.

Joel said: "It wasn't that difficult really. We were doing some filming in Chapman Square, which is the place that the album's name after, and we thought it would be quite fitting to decide on the final tracklisting there and then.

"We sat in Chapman Square and we played the tracks – we played the start of it and the end of it running into the next song – and they seemed to just fall into place really easily."

Meanwhile, Lawson are set to embark on a UK tour later this month in support of the album.

Listen to Lawson talking to Capital FM's showbiz reporter Kevin Hughes about their debut album 'Chapman Square' below:

Lawson "so excited" about release of new album