Lawson New Album 'Chapman Square' Track By Track Guide

8 October 2012, 09:46

Join Capital as we review the debut album from one of the music industry's most promising new acts, who have seen huge success this year with singles like 'When She Was Mine' and 'Taking Over Me'.

Lawson's long-awaited debut album 'Chapman Square' is almost here and Capital has a sneak preview of the UK band's record so you can hear some never-before-heard songs from Andy, Adam, Joel and Ryan.

Since bursting onto the music scene earlier this year with first single 'When She Was Mine', Lawson's fanbase has grown and grown, and the band have been performing shows all over the country, including a performance at Wembley Stadium for the Capital FM Summertime Ball 2012.

Lawson then returned with one of the songs of the summer with the uplifting 'Taking Over Me', their second big hit on the Vodafone Big Top 40, and look set to replicate their chart success with third release 'Standing In The Dark'.

Find out everything you need to know about Lawson's first album 'Chapman Square', including exclusive snippets of each song on the record's track listing.

'Standing In The Dark'

The first song on 'Chapman Square' is Lawson's latest single 'Standing In The Dark' and the track sets the tone for the whole record with a powerful chorus, strong instrumentals and a heartbreaking message to boot. The song focuses on wanting to win back the love of your life only to realise they have moved on with someone else. Singer Andy sings of how he is "standing in the dark, she's dancing on the table", and the haunting chorus is sure to be a favourite of Lawson fans. The band have also named 'Standing In The Dark' as one of their favourite songs and one they always wanted to be a single.

1. Lawson - 'Standing In The Dark' (audio)


The heartbreak theme continues with the second track of the album 'Gone', which boasts Coldplay style 'oohs' as singer Andy croons about a lost love. Despite the painful message the lyrics carry, 'Gone' is a relatively rousing song with a fast pace that seems perfect to be played by the band across huge venues in the future.

2. Lawson - 'Gone' (audio)

'Taking Over Me' 

Lawson's song of the summer 'Taking Over Me' focuses on the other side of love to most of the band's songs as it tells of the optimistic start of a relationship and all that that entails. "I'll fix your broken heart, I'll make it beat again," Andy sings over a strong baseline and drum beat that ensures the song is one of the most uplifting on 'Chapman Square'. If there's one song on the record you're bound to sing along to it's definitely 'Taking Over Me', which boasts one of the catchiest hooks of 2012.

3. Lawson - 'Taking Over Me' (audio)

'Everywhere You Go'

Things get slowed down a bit for the album's fourth track 'Everywhere You Go', a song about a pure confession of love to the girl of your dreams. Andy promises to be there "when your heart is breaking" and when "your walls are shaking". The song is more low-key than much of 'Chapman Square' and gets to show off the band's impressive skills as musicians and songwriters with a slower paced track about wanting to prove yourself to the one you love.

4. Lawson - 'Everywhere You Go' (audio)


Singer Andy Brown's impressive vocal talents are in full show in 'Waterfall', a song about the struggle to deal with yet another relationship coming to an end. The song has a very strong melody and the message of the song's chorus is destined to be the next heartbreak anthem. 'Waterfall' is no doubt a potential future single with Lawson's ability to write a great pop song on full display for this fifth song on 'Chapman Square'. 

5. Lawson - 'Waterfall' (audio)

'When She Was Mine'

Lawson's debut song 'When She Was Mine' introduced them to the world earlier this year, a powerful pop song was famously penned about singer Andy's ex-girlfriend Mollie King from The Saturdays, and the lyrics are filled with regret and bittersweet hindsight."Everywhere I go, everything I do, reminds me of you," Andy sings, in what is the perfect opposite to their romance-fuelled summer hit 'Taking Over Me'. 

6. Lawson - 'When She Was Mine' (audio)

'Make It Happen'

Things get heavy as Lawson's debut heads into its second half with the motivational 'Make It Happen'. The song features a much faster pace than the rest of the album, the thumping drum beat alone sets it apart and guitarist Joel Peat helps give it some great resonance with a heavy instrumental backing. The track's chorus will stick with your for days, as singer Andy urges listeners to go after love it they want to "make it happen",  and it is no doubt destined to be a big crowd pleaser on Lawson's upcoming Hometowns tour. 

7. Lawson - 'Make It Happen' (audio)

'Learn To Love Again'

Lawson tone it down after the rousing tones of 'Make It Happen' with a song about finally reuniting with someone to give your relationship a second chance. This is a track with an strong uplifting message about romance finally winning out as you realise you have found "the one", and 'Learn To Love Again' shows off a more pop oriented side to the band.

8. Lawson - 'Learn To Love Again' (audio)


Singer Andy Brown brings his songwriting skills to the forefront again on heartbreak anthem 'Stolen' as the band step back for some self-reflection on a song about how you wish you had been the "better man" and realise it's too late to go back. If you don't find yourself singing the opening line of the chorus ("everything's stolen") for at least the rest of your day we'll be surprised.

9. Lawson - 'Stolen' (audio)

'You'll Never Know'

Lawson are in full flow by the time track ten 'You'll Never Know' comes on with its catchy chorus and message warning an ex partner that they'll never realise what they are missing out on. Andy's lyrics of regret over a past relationship and the rest of Lawson's strong instrumental hooks make this a potential favourite on 'Chapman Square'.

10. Lawson - 'You'll Never Know' (audio)

'You Didn't Tell Me'

The haunting opening of 'You Don't Tell Me' marks the song out as perhaps one of the most emotional tracks on the whole album, as Andy sings of finding out about the end of a relationship from seeing your partner with someone else. The embittered lyrics and slower pace make 'You Didn't Tell Me' a powerful rock ballad to remember.

11. Lawson - 'You Didn't Tell Me' (audio)

'The Girl I Knew'

The final song of Lawson's debut scales back all the strong production of 'Chapman Square' to give the band a chance to shine in an acoustic setting, in a beautiful song about remembering someone you used to know and reflecting on how much they have changed since you knew them. The bittersweet message fits the tone of the whole record and embodies the overall theme of 'Chapman Square' as being one of love and heartbreak.

12. Lawson - 'The Girl I Knew' (audio)

Lawson will officially release their new album 'Chapman Square' on 22nd October 2012.