Lawson Promise Their "Best Video Yet" For Third Single From 'Chapman Square'

24 August 2012, 15:28

The 'Taking Over Me' stars say they can't wait for fans to watch their "cool" new music video.

Lawson have promised their "best video yet" after wrapping work on the music video for their upcoming third single.

The 'When She Was Mine' stars shot the video yesterday (23rd August) at a secret location and say they were "stupidly proud" of the new promo, but have refused to divulge any more information about the highly anticipated release.

"Every time we have a video shoot I still can't believe it's all for us and our music…," Lawson's Ryan Fletcher tweeted yesterday. "And that's a wrap! Best video yet!! Now off to Denmark!! What a day x.

"Today I did the coolest thing I've ever done," guitarist Joel Peat also posted. "Such an amazing team today that helped us film what is definitely our best video yet…

"I can't wait for you all to see it, it's something we're all stupidly proud of! Unbelievable how far we've come thanks to all of you!"

Lawson's drummer Adam Pitts also spoke out about their recently announced album 'Chapman Square', and explained how much the record's title means to them all.

"The name means so much because it's where we really came together as a band," drummer Adam explained to the Daily Star. "We wrote a lot of the songs we've chosen for the album there.

"It's where it all kicked off for us with our YouTube session."

Check out a picture of Lawson on the set of their 'Taking Over Me' music video below (Credit Tumblr):

The four-piece band will embark on the 'Hometowns Tour' from 31st October travelling across each of their hometowns before wrapping with a show in London.

Lawson will release their debut album 'Chapman Square' on 22nd October.