Lawson's Andy Brown Opens Up On Brain Tumour: "It Hit Me Like A Ton Of Bricks" – Video

2 October 2012, 14:54

The 'When She Was Mine' stars reveal the origins of the band's name as a tribute to the doctor who saved the singer's life.

Lawson frontman Andy Brown has spoken about the brain tumour which nearly cost him his life before finding fame with the band.

The 'Taking Over Me' singer opens up about the traumatic time during the second clip of the Becoming Lawson VEVO Lift series with the rest of the group praising the strength of their bandmate.

"It hit me like a ton of bricks. It was a really hard time for me and my family," he admitted.

Drummer Adam Pitts added: "It's an amazing story to survive something like that. You can tell that he thinks about life in a different way now and makes the most of every moment."

Andy continued: "It just makes you realize how lucky you are to be honest."

The singer was operated on by a Dr. Lawson, who is the inspiration behind the group's name.

"We had to be called Lawson to tie it in with that story," admits bass player Ryan Fletcher.

The band speak openely about their friendship and admit being so close and honest helps unite the four-piece as musicians.

"Sometimes we're brutally honest but I think that makes us so tight because we're so honest with eachother," revealed Andy.

You can watch the Becoming Lawson video part two below:

Meanwhile, Lawson will release new single 'Standing In The Dark' on 14th October with their debut album 'Chapman Square' following on the 22th October.