Lawson Announce Details Of Debut Album 'Chapman Square' And Release Date - Video

The 'When She Was Mine' stars reveal their highly anticipated record will be available in October.

Lawson have confirmed details of their debut album, which will be called 'Chapman Square'.

The 'Taking Over Me' stars took to their Twitter accounts to make the announcement and told fans the record will be released on 22nd October.

Speaking in a video shortly after the news, the group revealed why they title of the album has so much meaning to them.

"It's a very important place for us," revealed lead singer Andy Brown. "It's where we first met as a band and first did our rehearsals, first did our writing sessions together."

He continued: "It was also where I used to live and a very important relationship [took place] which is outlined on the album a lot and some of our previous singles."

You can watch a video of Lawson speaking about their debut album 'Chapman Square' below:

The band have yet to release a tracklisting or artwork for the album which will feature their debut single 'When She Was Mine' and latest release 'Taking Over Me'.

Meanwhile, the band recently announced details of a new UK tour which will visit all of the four members hometowns.