Lady Gaga to guest edit newspaper

Lady Gaga is set to guest edit the international Metro newspaper next month.

The singer will take over 17 editions of the free paper on May 17.

Gaga will work from the London headquarters newsdesk of Metro World News, giving her views on the breaking news of the day.

'Let’s see how fans would define what ‘Born This Way’ is for them,' she said.

'I say I was born to be brave. That’s part of my mission in life. I was born to follow my artistic visions. Look into yourself. Are you born to be brave?'

In addition to editing/writing a feature, Gaga will comment on stories throughout the issue and contribute sidebars, reports the New York Observer. 

Maggie Samways, global editor-in-chief, added: 'We’re thrilled to have Lady Gaga take the helm of our newspapers for the day. Together with Lady Gaga, Metro World News and our local teams will produce a one-of-a-kind newspaper on May 17.

'Lady Gaga is an extraordinary artistic force, so I’m confident that the edition will reflect her personality: creative, inspiring and surprising!'