Katy Perry's Fans: 17 Ways You Know You're A #KatyCat

It's almost time to reveal the winner of #BestFans2014... do the #KatyCats have a chance to take the win for Ms Perry?

Katy Perry live at the Jingle Bell Ball 2013

Katy Perry and her #KatyCats are up for #BestFans2014 and they have an incredible opportunity to bring home the win for their 'Killer Queen' Katy this year!

With almost 50m followers there's no doubt the 'Roar' star is the one to beat on the #BestFans2014 shortlist this year, but can all the Katy Perry fans get enough votes to win the prize?

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Check out the following 17 ways to tell whether you're a TRUE KatyCat or not... and then get voting!

1). You know that Katy ALWAYS makes time for her fans... and loves hearing their stories!


2). When this Katy & John duet dropped... so did your jaw!


3). You know it's best NOT to mess with her when she's angry...


4). You love that Katy's always got a story to tell!


5). You saw Part Of Me 3D at LEAST 20 times... and obvs own the DVD too!


6). You've seen Katy live and know that NOTHING compares to Ms. Perry on tour!


7). You're ALWAYS in her corner!


8). You firmly believe that cake is the enemy!!


9). You know that Katy can do ANYTHING... even wrestle an alligator!!


10). You love that Katy ALWAYS speaks the truth!


11). You love how much Katy fangirls about her pop peers!


12). This is your favourite pop song of the past decade!


13). You know it's ALWAYS important to perfect your make-up like Katy does!


14). You'd LOVE to meet Katy's amazing grandma in person one day! #Legend


15). You totally GET this joke!


16). This is your go-to song for the gym!


17). You love Katy's BFF Rihanna ALMOST as much as the #KatyCats Queen herself!