Bieber bungees in NZ - what should he do in London

Following his visit to Australia, Justin Bieber has now landed in New Zealand.

Keen to sample the local pleasures wherever he goes, Bieber took a plunge from a bridge on a bungee jump. Check out the video:


Justin is a bit of a Twitter addict so he's been keeping the world up to date with his adventures and it certainly sounds like it's been eventful.

"I'm in New Zealand, they got no predators in the whole country, I am the most dangerous creature here," tweeted Bieber. We're not sure David Attenborough would agree, but it still sounds a bit dangerous down there. Security was stepped up New Zealand airport to cope with the huge number of fans who were expected to flock to arrivals to greet the star, but despite the added protection, Justin had his hat swiped and his Mum was knocked over by the crowds.

What should Justin do when he comes to London?

So as you might have heard, Justin Bieber will be playing at our Summertime Ball at Wembley Stadium on June 6th. If he's been bungee jumping in New Zealand, what do you think he should do when he visits London to mark the occasion? Add you suggestion at the bottom of the page, but here are a few ideas to start you off:

Bieber by Big Ben - A must for all tourists. Stand round under Big Ben for a photo. But the big question, do you go for a thumbs up or a pointing pose?

Bieber on a bus - Ride round London on a double decker bus. Don't worry Bieber, you can hop on and off wherever you want. But what should you visit? Tower of London? Westminster Abbey? Trafalgar Square?

Bieber on Brick Lane - Try some of London's greatest food - nothing beats a curry on Brick Lane - so that would be Bieber eating a balti. Or perhaps Bieber should get a bagel?

Bieber at Bluewater - If Justin is a bit tired out from all his travelling, perhaps he's appreciate some retail therapy. With parking for over 30,000 cars and it's proximity to the M25, bieber should have no problems in heading for the UK's second largest shopping centre.

Bieber in Brighton - It's just a quick train journey and Bieber could be having fun on Brighton Pier. But go easy on that candy floss, Bieber!

Bieber in Brixton - Get away from the centre of town, sample some fantastic local cuisine, enjoy a film at the trendy Ritzy cinema, or see a gig at the O2 Academy Brixton.

What do you think Justin Bieber should do while he's in London? Add your suggestion below...

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Comments (34)

  • georgiaaaaaaaa

    Thursday, 29 April 2010 21:55

    He should do a concert of his own for us . we all love him soooo much and i would definetly buy vip tickets

  • Tashieebieber

    Thursday, 29 April 2010 18:36

    Well i think it would be a good idea if he had a concert outside but ALSO he want skydiving and landed on the stage/ That would be so cool and if you do it i should get free tickets because it was my idea ha ha just kidding but its a good idea =] . xxxx luv ya justin

  • Sammie8008

    Thursday, 29 April 2010 16:36

    Hii i love Justin Bieber, i think that he should go around London for a day seeing all the sights. Or maybe come to Windsor (: Hes amazing can't wait for the summertime ball, thanks capital xx

  • JadeyHeartsBeiber

    Thursday, 29 April 2010 16:00

    I think Justin should go and trick some fans at madame tussaurds!! That would be so hilarious and he has a funny sense of humour.I think thats a good idea!!

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