Justin Bieber may be getting the chop

Teen star Justin Bieber has been thinking about getting his lovely locks snipped.

Speaking to a US magazine, Justin said that he's "kinda liking the long hair right now" but that it could all change.

He went on to say that "in the future, I may get bored and change it up but for now I like how it is," so all eyes will be Bieber's barnet when he heads to London for the Summertime Ball on June 6th.

Bad new if you are one of the teen boys who've been trying to cash in on the Bieber fever by going for "The Bieber" cut.  According to the New York Times, some teens have paid up to $150 to mimic the singer's style.

Comments (2)

  • ellenbieberlove

    Monday, 7 February 2011 20:00

    heyyy awww it's his life he should it's his life and capital please get me VIP tickets to one of his concert i actually love him i will do anything to meet him!

  • Alihne

    Tuesday, 8 June 2010 21:15

    OMB *-*

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