Justin Bieber To Perform Private Gig For Beckhams’ Baby

19 July 2011, 10:15

The teen heartthrob agrees to sing for Harper Seven in return for a favour from Becks.

After meeting David Beckham a couple of times, Justin Bieber now thinks they're mates enough to invite himself over to Becks' place.

So he’s offered a private concert to Posh’s newborn baby girl Harper Seven if David gives him something in return.

"I’ve agreed to give the boys a private concert at their house – if David gives me some private soccer lessons!" Justin revealed.

"David’s an amazing dad, and he told me how happy it would make the boys, so I had to say yes.

"Maybe now they have a girl, Selena (Gomez) will have to come too, and dedicate a song to Harper."

The secret gig offer came about after Usher’s protégé Justin heard that the Beckhams were big Beliebers.

"David tells me my records are always played in their household," the 'Baby' singer told Closer magazine.

"And David and Victoria are both really cool, so I’m happy to oblige."

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