Justin Bieber's Fans: 14 Ways To Prove You're A True #Belieber

The search to find the best fan base in pop is on, and surely the #Beliebers have to be in the running?

Justin Bieber Old Hairstyle

Justin Bieber is just one of the MANY artists up for #BestFans2014 in Capital's vote this week, and it's not hard to see why!

The #Beliebers are known for being one of the most loyal and outspoken fan bases on the planet, so it's time they got behind the 'All That Matters' singer to help him take home the crown.

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1). You wait with baited breath for the next batch of AMAZING topless selfies from the man himself!


2). You know that, as Justin himself says, it's ALL about the fans and the music!


3). 'All That Matters' is STILL your most played music video of the past few months!


4). You're #Jelena all the way... whether they're just mates or lovebirds!


5). You follow Justin's incredible mum Pattie Mallette on Twitter!


6). For you... EVERYTHING changed the first time you heard 'One Time':


7). You know that Justin ALWAYS puts his fans ahead of anything else (Credit Splash):


8). You imagine Justin singing 'Boyfriend' just for YOU when you hear it:


9) The 'Believe' tour was EVERYTHING you would want a live show to be!


10). You don't mind that Justin's a bit of a tease!


8). You've already seen the Believe movie like... TEN times!


9). Your motto is "Once a #Belieber... ALWAYS a #Belieber!"


10) NO ONE has got the moves like JB!


11). You'll always remember where it all started:


12). You rushed out and got a onesie as SOON as you saw Justin tweet this snap:


13). You've perfected at LEAST one of the master's dance routines!


14). Did we mention all those shirtless selfies?