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  • MarvinAstonFitttt

    Wednesday, 5 January 2011 21:28

    I Was Sat on the front row and i loved it. It was amazing i would adore to meet the band and sing to them

  • gc

    Wednesday, 5 January 2011 20:43

    Jls were absolutely amazing on Tuesday! The best concert i've ever been to! I love Aston the most, he's gorgeous. Nice one jls, i am sooo seeing you again! x

  • xXbeaniieXx<3JLS

    Wednesday, 5 January 2011 18:25

    JLS were 100% AMAZINGLY AWESOME las night! Had great seats 4th row centre =D love watching them perform, they nail it everytime!! X

  • Ella

    Wednesday, 5 January 2011 17:58

    It was the best night eva i loved it :D x aston waved to meee

  • Ella

    Wednesday, 5 January 2011 17:57

    It was the best night evvvvvvvaaaaa i loved it :D

  • sophie <3 JLS

    Wednesday, 5 January 2011 16:36

    they were amazing last nightt x

  • Brydie:)

    Wednesday, 5 January 2011 16:05

    JLS were actually amazing last night. me and my mate were lucky enough to get front row tickets. :D it was definitely they best concert i've ever been too.

  • chelsea15

    Wednesday, 5 January 2011 15:29


  • Sana

    Wednesday, 5 January 2011 15:00

    I love jls they were really good but can sum 1 tell me whybthey changed the name to capital

  • Jo

    Wednesday, 5 January 2011 12:37

    I took my 11 year old daughter for her birthday present to see JLS. They were brilliant, an excellent stage show and they sounded very good. Loved it when they came out into the audience on the u-shaped walkway.
    A brilliant night!

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