Jessie J - 'Price Tag' (Live At The Summertime Ball 2014)


Jessie J - 'Price Tag'

Live At The Summertime Ball 2014


Jessie J gets the crowd going with her 'la la la's' at the #CapitalSTB 2014 at Wembley Stadium

"It's not about the Pricetag" but Jessie J is definitely worth every penny, as she totally rocked Wembley Stadium with her performance of 'Pricetag' at the Summertime Ball. 

One of several of Jessie's biggest hits, 'Pricetag' in her incredible set had 80,000 people singing along to every word - that girl sure knows how to work a crowd! 

We're off to play the video above on repeat, just to make sure our 'la la la's' are really on point - nobody does it like J-J-J-Jessie J! 


Jessie J Ft. Nathan Sykes and DJ Cassidy - 'Calling All Hearts'

Live At The Summertime Ball 2014


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