Jessie J reveals tattoo spelling mistake

Jessie J has revealed one of her tattoos has a spelling mistake in it

On a live webchat with The Sun she said: 'I have 4 tattoos- one is a stick man on my leg (he chills me out).

'One is 'Stand Up' on my wrist. I have one behind my ear.

'But the funniest on is a big spelling mistake. Instead of 'Don't Lose Who You Are In The Blur Of The Stars' it says 'Don't Loose Who You Are In The Blur Of The Stars''.

'Sad times...'

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  • Jasmine

    Wednesday, 2 March 2011 21:59

    errmmm COOL. should the tattooist have given her back a refund? RANDOM FOREVA xxx

  • little-miss-giggles

    Wednesday, 2 March 2011 18:07

    I Didnt think that the spelling mistake was that bad. I wouldnt have noticed! :)

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