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Dua Lipa Cover Troye Sivan

WATCH: Dua Lipa Covered Troye Sivan's 'My My My!' And It's Actually Beautiful

Dua Lipa Apologises For Cancelling Show

Dua Lipa Breaks Into Tears After Cancelling Show, At Risk Of Causing "Permanent Damage" To Herself

Dua lipa Dad Festival

Dua Lipa And Her Dad Are Putting On A Music Festival 'Sunny Hill' With A Huge Mystery Headliner

Dua Lipa Isaac carews

Dua Lipa's Boyfriend Has Responded To Claims He Cheated On The Singer In A Nightclub

Dua Lipa & Paul Klein

Who Is Dua Lipa's Boyfriend Isaac Carew? All The Latest On Who She Is Dating, Including Isaac's Nightclub 'Cheating'

Dua Lipa Champions League Final 2018

Dua Lipa At The UEFA Champions League Final 2018 - What Songs Did She Perform?

Dua Lipa & Wendy Williams

Dua Lipa's Name Has Never Been Prounounced This Badly Before

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