WATCH: Christina Aguilera Does An UNREAL Impression Of Britney Spears Singing

24 February 2015, 10:59

Xtina takes on Cher, Britney and Shakira in Jimmy Fallon’s musical impressions – and we are pretty much blown away!

Christina Aguilera proves she’s still the queen of the power vocals – and the musical impressions – as she took on Cher, Britney Spears and Shakira on the Jimmy Fallon show.  

The original ‘Dirrty’ girl herself totally blew us away with her insane impressions – if you close your eyes you could almost believe it was actually Britney, Cher or Shaks singing the random tracks chosen by a generator.

Of course, Britney and Christina go wayyyyy back - right back to when they were kids in the Mickey Mouse Club together - so it's no wonder Ms Aguilera knows her pal's voice so well! 

Jimmy Fallon also gets involved – and his David Bowie cover is pretty lol-tastic – but we think Xtina HAS to take the crown for the best musical impressions ever! 

Seriously, we can NOT get over that power vocal! 

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