100 Points To You If You Can Actually Recognise Which Diva This DREADFUL Waxwork Is Meant To Be Of...

4 January 2017, 08:43

Funny Beyoncé Waxwork

Are our eyes working properly?!

If you ever think you're under-qualified for your job, just think that someone was hired and paid to create this 110% accurate waxwork of...

Beyoncé. Yes. You read that right. No, it's not a typo.

One fan went to a waxwork museum in Canada and found the figure that was meant to resemble the 'Halo' singer. We're pretty confident that they just put a novelty statue of Scooby Doo's Shaggy in a dress and thought "That'll do".

You see, here's what the waxwork looked like...

And here's what Beyoncé looks like...

Beyoncé TIDAL X: 1015Pic: Getty

Such similarity. Much wow. Many identical. 

May we suggest that the museum melts the waxwork and just makes a whole lot of candles? Although, knowing their crafting skills, they might come out looking more like Beyoncé than candles in the end.

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