WATCH: You Think That Dog Filter Is Sexy? Try Telling That To Ariana Grande...

Ariana Grande’s New Snapchat Horror Movie #DogFace


If someone uses that dog selfie on Snapchat, they immediately become cuter by 82%. Or so that's what Ariana thought, after she starred in this selfie-slasher movie...

She may be a 'Dangerous Woman', but there's nothing more dangerous than... Wait for it - the cute puppy filter on Snapchat.

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While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel's late night talk show, Ariana starred in a spoof horror trailer, 'Dog Face Filter', where her and a mate were rinsing Snapchat's built-in filters... Kinda like the real Ariana Grande!

But then - just as the voice over bellows - 'some snaps are forever' and the camera pans out to reveal Grande is stuck with the puppy filter permanently on her face.

Ariana Grande’s New Snapchat Horror Movie #DogFace

Okay, it's not quite the 'Saw' franchise, but who are you trying to kid? You'd watch this, and you know it!

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