Adele: I Love Prince William And Kate Middleton

The 'Rolling In the Deep' star has revealed that she is a big fan of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Adele said she would like to get to know the Royal couple a bit better, as well as William's brother Prince Harry.

"I'd love a night out with Prince Harry, he seems like a right laugh," she said. "I love Kate Middleton, she's brilliant. And I love William."

Adele also admitted she finds it funny that she is regarded as "posh" in America, where the singer has enjoyed huge success with her latest album '21'.

"They think I have a very British accent, as in: 'Do you know the Queen?'," she told The Sun. "I just laugh at them. In England I am thought of as common as muck."

Adele is due to play a string of UK tour dates next month after battling throat problems.