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Razzies announced: Which film was the year's worst?

Three injured as man drives car into pedestrian area in Germany

Woman charged with dog offence after three-year-old boy's death

Former rugby stars Williams and O'Connor arrested in drugs case

Tom Watson: Labour 'has to do better' but Corbyn should stay

Kim Jong-Nam murder: Kuala Lumpur airport swept for chemicals

Claudio Ranieri bids final farewell to Leicester staff and players

Mexico threatens trade war over Donald Trump's wall tax

VX nerve agent: What is it, where did it come from and what does it do to you?

Jodie Foster warns over Donald Trump's 'attack on democracy'

Will practice make perfect for La La Land star?

Squatters evicted over Buckingham Palace 'security risk'

Donations top $500,000 for Indian man shot dead in Kansas 'hate crime'

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