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Saturday, 30th August 2014

  1. Ariana Grande Names Big Sean "The Best" After New Album Team-Up

Friday, 29th August 2014

  1. Example – ’10 Million People’
  2. 9 Vines That Prove Liam Payne From One Direction Would Make The PERFECT Boyfriend
  3. Ariana Grande On Jessie J And Nicki Minaj: "They're Really Great Human Beings"
  4. Ariana Grande's New Album Has Only JUST Launched... But She's Ready For The Next!
  5. ‘Playtime’ And ‘Time For Bed’: Listen To Justin Bieber Feature On His Pal Khalil’s Album
  6. “Ahh The Single Life!” Britney Spears Is Back On The Market After David Lucado Break-Up
  7. Pharrell... Best Dancer In Pop? Here's 12 GIFs To Prove It!
  8. Simon Cowell LOVES Cheryl's 'Crazy Stupid Love' So Much He's RAPPED A Cover!
  9. It's A No From Cheryl And Mel B As They Judge These 'Unique' Covers...

Thursday, 28th August 2014

  1. “I’m Splurging Today!”: Drake Buys Nicki Minaj Whatever She Wants… In A Corner Shop
  2. Cheryl Tells Us ALL About Her New Song 'I Don't Care'... And Teases The Video
  3. The Boss Is Happy! Simon Cowell Says One Direction's New Album Is "Fantastic"
  4. “I’m Just Happy She Was OK!”: Rita Ora Talks About Iggy Azalea’s Stage Fall
  5. “It's Not The Most Important Thing To Fit In”: Taylor Swift On Shooting ‘Shake It Off’
  6. The Script's New UK Tour: 17 Things To Expect When The Boys Get Back On The Road

Wednesday, 27th August 2014

  1. It’s Official, One Direction Can Make You Live Longer: 13 Reasons Why In GIF Form...
  2. One Direction’s Harry Styles Has Been Getting Fitness Tips From WHO?!
  3. Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett - 'I Can't Give You Anything But Love'
  4. More Than 50 Shades Of Rita Ora - The ‘Black Widow’ Singer Signs Up For Two Sequels!
  5. Jennifer Lopez Reveals New Song ‘Booty’ And The MEGA Sexy Artwork With Iggy Azalea
  6. Usher Feat. Nicki Minaj - 'She Came To Give It To You'
  7. Labrinth - 'Let It Be'
  8. 24 GIFs That Prove Taylor Swift Is The MOST Fun Person To Have At A Party

Tuesday, 26th August 2014

  1. “She Sounds Like Peter Kay!”: Watch Union J React To Nicole Scherzinger’s Dirty Talk
  2. "I'm Always Thinking About It!" We Chat To Taylor Swift About Her NEW Tour Plans!
  3. "I Didn't Actually!": Rita Ora Reveals That She Had No Underwear Under Her Red VMA Gown!
  4. LISTEN: Hear Eminem's AMAZING New Sia Team-Up Song 'Guts Over Fear'
  5. “I Wrote And Recorded Two Songs With David Guetta”: Ed Sheeran Reveals Latest Collab!
  6. Nicki Minaj, Record Breaker! ‘Anaconda’ Sets A New VEVO Record For Most Views In 24Hrs!